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Regional Setwork Competition

10th September 2023


Freddie 2nd pre level 1 club grades

Theo F 2nd level 1 club grades

Paddy 6th level 1 club grades

Theo T 15th level 1 club grades

TJ 2nd level 2 club grades

Eddie 4th level 2 club grades

Oscar 3rd level 3 club grades

Kalby 5th level 4 club grades

Fintan 5th level 6 club grades

James 2nd pre level 1 elite grades

William 1st elite level 2 grades

Theo F, Paddy, TJ, Eddie, Oscar, Kalby and William have also qualified for national finals in October.

Well done to all who competed, coaches and judges!


What a successful day for CSG!