Junior Freestyle age 10-15

Junior Freestyle

We currently run Junior Freestyle age 10-15 years, on Wednesday’s 8:15pm – 9:15pm at a cost of £6. These are completely open sessions and are participant lead, however, there are coaches on hand to help you with anything that you should need. 

Freestyle gymnastics provides the opportunity for participants to attend and practice skills from any of the gymnastics disciplines in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, with the general focus being on a range of acrobatic and vault work. It also includes an element of free running and parkour.

The class places an emphasis on freedom, individuality and creativity with regards to the skills that each participant learns and performs. They are free to move between the apparatus as they wish. Fully qualified coaches are always on hand to provide advice and support throughout the session. The classes include a structured warm up and cool down which must be completed for safety reasons.

Please ensure that you read the junior freestyle code of conduct and ensure that your child is clear on the rules before bringing them along. Your child must be registered on our online system. This can be done by clicking here and selecting the adult/ freestyle registration.