Recreational Gymnastics

We currently have around 1,000 children attending our recreational classes per week. These classes are signed up to on a quarterly basis and cost £6.93 per session. The gymnasts will progress through their British Gymnastics proficiency awards. They will learn their basic gymnastics skills on vault, bars and floor. Boys will also work on rings, parallel bars and pommel and girls will also work on beam.

The dates we will run for 2018 are:

Quarter 1- 02/01/18- 31/03/18- No session Friday 31th March (bank holiday)

Quarter 2- 01/04/18- 30/06/18- No sessions Monday 2nd April, Monday 7th May and Monday 28th May (bank holidays)

Quarter 3- 01/07/18-30/09/18 No session Monday 27th August- Fees are due by 2nd June

Quarter 4- 01/10/18- 19/12/18 – Christmas closure 20/12/18-02/01/19 to return on 03/01/19 – Fees are due by 9th September

Recreational timetable

Day Time Age Group
Monday 4-5pm 4-7
Monday 5-6pm 4-7
Monday 6-7pm mixed
Monday 7-8pm 8+
Tuesday 4-5pm 4-7
Tuesday 5-6pm 4-7
Tuesday 6-7pm mixed
Tuesday 7-8pm 8+
Wednesday 4-5pm 4-7
Wednesday 5-6pm mixed
Thursday 4-5pm 4-7
Thursday 5-6pm 4-7
Thursday 6-7pm mixed
Thursday 7-8pm 8+
Friday 4-5pm 4-7
Friday 5-6pm 4-7
Friday 6-7pm 8+
Friday 7-8pm 8+
Saturday 9-10am 4-7
Saturday 10-11am 4-7
Saturday 11am-12pm 8+
Saturday 12-1pm 8+
Saturday 1:30-2:30pm 4-7
Saturday 2:30-3:30pm 8+
Saturday 3:30-4:30pm 4-7
Sunday 9-10am mixed
Sunday 10-11am mixed


All of these classes currently have a waiting list. Please click here to add your child to the list.