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Essex Gymnastics resumed competitions this Autumn for the first time in nearly 2 years!

We are very proud of how well all the gymnasts have coped over the lockdowns, proving that all the effort they put into the endless zoom calls has finally paid off!


County Br, Si, Go

Essex County Bronze, Silver and Gold Competition.

Karena Child – Essex Gold Champion

Tiggi Abel – 5th Essex Silver 14+

Vinuki Peris – 2nd Essex Silver 14+

Katie Yallop – Essex Silver Champion 14+

Amelia Harrington – Essex Silver Champion 12-13

Crystal Clark – Essex Bronze Champion 13+

Fabi Jackson – 5th Essex Bronze 13+

Ellie Telford – 7th Essex Bronze 13+

Orkney Elkin – 8th Essex Bronze 13+

Amelie Scott – 11th Essex Bronze 13+

Emmie Beale – 13th Essex Bronze 13+

Regional Go, Si

Regional Br

Regional Bronze, Silver and Gold Competition.

Jamie Leech – East Regional Gold Champion

Karena Child – 2nd East Regional Gold

Tiggi Abel – 8th East Regional Silver 14+

Vinuki Peris – 6th East Regional Silver 14+

Katie Yallop – 3rd East Regional Silver 14+

Amelia Harrington – East Regional Silver Champion 12-13

Emmie Beale – 17th East Regional 13+

Amelie Scott – 19th East Regional 13+

Orkney Elkin – 22nd East Regional 13+

Ellie Telford – 36th East Regional 13+

Fabi Jackson – 41st East Regional 13+

Regional FIG

Regional FIG Competition

Great work from Cherish Hayward at her first Regional FIG competition, with lots of new skills performed and medals won on individual apparatus. 

Regional Compulsory 3 & 2

Regional Compulsory Grades 3 & 2

Well done to Beth March at Compulsory 2, Serenity Hayward at Compulsory 3 and special mention to Isla Cadd for finishing 2nd overall at compulsory 3.

zinc 9-10yrs

Essex County Zinc age 9-10 Competition.

Tilly Prichard – 2nd (through to regional finals)

Florence Blackwell – 3rd (through to regional finals)

Bethany Hendry – 4th

Lucy Burr – 5th

Lily Spencer – 6th

Toni-Jai Chandler – 8th

Rebecca Agyo – 9th

Natalia Beaumont – 10th

Hollie Field – 10th

Amber Fendell – 11th

Isabelle Scanlon – 12th

County Copper 10-11yrs

Essex County Copper age 10-11 Competition.

Megan Andrews – 2nd (through to regional finals)

Princess White – 6th

Holly Bowring – 7th

zinc 11+ 8yrs

Essex County Zinc Competition.

Verity Twin – 3rd Essex Zinc age 8 (through to regional finals)

Amelie Taylor – Essex Zinc age 11+ Champion (through to regional finals)

Ava Goldsworthy – 4th

Olivia Straughan – 5th

Sophie Morehouse – 7th

Izzy Pyle – 11th

Lucie Brint – 16th

Special well done to Lacie Wakeling who competed as a guest.