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Colchester In House Grades Competition 11th March 2023

11th March 2023 – Our WAG Squad took part in an in house grades competition in preparation for their upcoming grades competition.

Grade 6 – Imogen Lawrence 1st, Elsa Rankin 2nd, Prise├»s Middleton 3rd, Sienna Fitch 4th & Emilie Wesbroom 5th
Grade 5 – Oceana Bryan 1st, Abigail Tallo 2nd, Cheya Piagesti 3rd & Emmy Wilkins 4th
Regional 4 – Laci Wakeling 1st, Verity Twin & Lucie Brint 2nd
Regional 3 (AGE 11) – Maddie Hudson 1st, Lucy Burr 2nd, Rebecca Agyo 3rd, Bethany Hendry 4th & Amber Fendell 5th
Regional 3 (Age 12+) – Natalia Beaumont 1st, Tilly Pritchard 2nd & Tilly McLean 3rd
Regional 1 – Fabiana Jackson 1st, Pippa Horton 2nd, Princess White 3rd & Sydnie Joyce 4th
National 4 – Hollie-Leigh Field 1st, Lily Spencer 2nd & Toni-Jai Chandler 3rd
National 3 – Holly Bowring 1st
National 2 – Serenity Hayward 1st & Megan Andrews 2nd
Congratulations to all gymnasts, coaches, judges & helpers for a great in house competition. Lots of medals and rosettes won in preparation for the upcoming grades competitions.