February Half Term 2023


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For your childs safety these rules must be followed to allow participation in the classes:

Strictly no jewellery/earrings may be worn at any time during classes.  This is the policy of British Gymnastics who operate ‘zero tolerance’ towards the wearing of jewellery by any age gymnast or coach. The only exception to this is newly pierced ears which can be taped.

Participants should wear suitable clothing to take part

No jeans, dresses or skirts, no tops with hoods.

No zips, buttons, buckles, tassels or belts. 

T-shirts and shorts/leggings/jogging bottoms are best or leotards or leotard & shorts if they have them.

No socks to be worn for Gymnastics classes, however, they must be worn for trampoline classes. 

All shoes to be left outside of the training area.

Hair must be tied back.

Please listen and abide by the advice given by the coaches at the start of, and during, each class. 

 No food or drink to be taken into the training area



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